A Complete Guide on Blister Sealing Machine

A Complete Guide on Blister Sealing Machine

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Are you an industrialized business that manufactures food products, medicines, or chemicals? You might want to look into investing in a blister sealing machine. Do you want to know what a blister packaging machine is and why it has become a dynamic necessity? Read this blog till the end and we will disclose everything that you must know about blister packaging.

What is a Blister Sealing Machine?

Blister sealing machines are special machines that are used as unit-dose packaging for capsules, tablets, etc. The device has an element of a bubble pack that may be a cavity or pocket made up of a formable film, commonly a thermoformed plastic or cold-formed aluminium film. This typically features a lidding seal of aluminium foil.

In other words, Blister sealing machines is an electromechanical machine that has both moving and fixed parts that help in packaging and sealing products in pre-formed cavities. The mechanical movements enable the formation of sized cavities on packaging material, filling, and sealing with suitable materials.

Using different packing materials and principles of forming, Blister Packaging could also be divided into three categoriesaluminium/plastic (thermoforming) bubble pack, aluminium/aluminium (cold forming) bubble pack, and aluminium/plastic/aluminium bubble pack.

Blister Machine Working Principle

Blister packs are used to safeguard products from outer factors such as heat, moisture, contamination, and UV light. A plastic or aluminium coating is created that has many cavities for the anticipated product to fit tightly within it. A second layer is then wrapped around it to seal and wrap around the item inside of it. M.S. Machinery offers a three-step procedure where you form the pack, seal it, and perforate.

A forming mold is what’s used for both cold-forming and thermoforming procedures when it comes to creating trays with cavities of specific dimensions.

The product is placed within the cavities, which are then sealed shut with a heated sealer. Traceability can be facilitated by applying codes to the sealer before placing it around them.

Perforating & Cutting
After being cut and perforated with accuracy, the sealed trays are divided into separate packs by cutting along premarked lines. Cutting ensures that the perforations in each row of blisters meet accurately without any overlapping; after this, it’s only a matter of adding on those last few final touches with some brake lines if you want them.

Types of Blister Sealing Machine

Based on their operation procedure, the automatic blister sealing machine is divided into three different categories.

Roller plate blister packaging machine
The roller plate type blister sealing machine is developed with the foundation of a roller type and flat type blister packaging machine. That is, a flat type molding device is implemented for blow molding (positive pressure forming), and a roll type sealing device is sealed, and its blister sealing machine working principle is basically the same.

Roller type blister packaging machine
The functioning rule of the roller blister packing machines is pretty simple. The forming film is heated and tempered by the heating device. The blister is then sucked by the negative vacuum pressure on the roller forming a molding roller, and then the filling device fills the packaged object into the blister, then passes through the roller type.

The heat sealing device seals the single-sided adhesive-coated cover film on the appearance of the blister material at a suitable temperature and pressure and seals the packaged object inside the blister.

Flat plate blister packaging machine
The operational rule of the flat forming blister machine: The designed film is heated and tempered by the flat heating device. The tempered film is blown into a blister by using compressed gas inside the flat forming device, and therefore the filling device fills the package into the blister.

Then, it’s led to the flat sealing device, and therefore the cover film is sealed with the formed film under appropriate temperature and pressure, then the batch number is printed, and thus the broken line is pressed by the typing imprinting device. Lastly, the punching device is punched into a prearranged size product section.

Advantages of blister sealing machine

If you are in drugs, food, or chemical industries, odds are you may not be sure whether to buy a blister sealing machine or not. To make things crystal clear, here are the major benefits of using a blister packaging machine:

  1. Cost-effective: Blister packaging can save you a major amount of money, mainly when you want to cut down on the cost of packing capsules and pills. It is more economical than plastic packaging.
  2. Assures product reliability: At this point, you can tell that this blister packing is used for very delicate applications. They include food and drug businesses. Blister packs provide an air-tight seal to the products. They won’t be exposed to humidity nor air. In doing so, the end product will maintain its quality.
  3. Tamper proof: Blister packaging cannot be interfered with by any outer physical forces. This also goes a long way in maintaining the integrity of the pills and capsules.
  4. Accurate dosage: Since the pills and tablets are in their selected packages, retaining the accuracy of the dosage won’t be a challenge in any way. It will be easy for one to keep track of the drug dosage.

Improves identification: As we have listed, labelling is one of the doings that are highlighted by the blister sealing machine procedure. It ensures that the products are easily recognized by their names among other information.


M.S. Machinery is a one-stop destination for purchasing the high quality of Blister sealing machines. Here, you can discover an extensive range of Blister sealing machines. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of Blister sealing machines, we are devoted to quality. Our entire range of packing machines is manufactured using refined techniques by our expert human resources. The machine is made of premium parts and state-of-the-art inventions following industry quality standards.

If you are planning to purchase a blister sealing machine, then we have the answer to what you are looking for. At M.S. Machinery, we supply top-performance blister sealing machines that will suit your packaging needs. All you need is to contact us via phone or email and we will tell you everything, including the price of the blister packing machine.

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