Everything You Need To Know About Strapping Machine

Everything You Need To Know About Strapping Machine

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Strapping is one of the most appropriate packaging solutions for safeguarding goods for transportation and storing purposes. A strapping machine can be used to secure everything, from delicate and fragile products to troublesome loads. The packages and items to be strapped are packed in cardboard or plastics.

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about strapping machines, their types, their benefits, and the right kind of strapping machine for your business.

What is a Strapping Machine?

A strapping machine is a part of mechanical equipment that wraps things or pallets in cabled plastic or similar material and stops the product from getting damaged in any way or dropping to pieces while in shipment.

These cabled plastics or straps are high in tensile strength and are extremely stretchable. These straps also have the capacity to slightly engross shock & recover. These come in a wide range of lengths, widths, thicknesses, and colours.

How Does a Strapping Machine Work?

A strapping machine uses either sensor to identify the presence of an item or it has to be served to the machine physically. The fed strap material is served to the machine by a pulley system and mechanical arms revolve the straps around the box.

Rotation of the item placed can be executed manually if it’s a manual strapping machine or can be automatic with a larger, and costly automatic strapping machine. Strapping machines are well-suited with both mechanical parts and sensors.

Different Types of Strapping Machines

Strapping machines come in a variation of types and sizes.

Automatic strapping machines
The completely automatic machine is the easiest and fast to use once they have been installed and set up. With the predefined tension set, feed the item to the machine and the procedure of strapping starts with the touch of a button. The package is completely strapped automatically, with the strap tensioned and cut by the machine.

When To Choose: Automatic strapping machine is fit for very large volume businesses as the whole cycle gets finished in just 2.5 seconds.

Manual Strapping Machine
A manual strapping machine is usually a handheld machine that is driven by batteries and can be easily used by manual workers. This machine is easy to use and is convenient.

When to Choose: A manual or handheld strapping machine is worthy for small businesses that have strapping rates of less than or equal to 50 straps per hour. This machine can be used to strap items in portable or fixed workplaces. They need less investment and hence is a good way to strap boxes at a low rate.

Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine
A semi-automatic machine needs some intervention from the machinist who feeds the product, presses the button to begin the strapping process, and then eliminates the strapped product when one cycle is complete. The machinist takes the free end of a strap that has been put out by the machine, wraps it around the box, and manually introduces it into the strapping machine. The machine automatically tightens up the strap according to previously defined tension and fixes the ends. 

When To Choose: Semi-automatic strapping machines are virtuous for medium volume business that has a requirement of a strapping speed of 1 strap/1.5 second.

Benefits of Using a Strapping Machine

  • Strapping delivers excellent security to the products.
  • With the right strapping materials, these parcels are held together and enable easy handling. 
  • Strapping machines increase the overall productivity of your business by increasing productivity.
  • These machines save a ton of time, money, and effort of human labour by relaying your workers’ energies to other areas. 
  • The correct strapping machine increases output by three to four times enabling you to enlarge your business and reducing the risk of damages in the warehouse.


M.S. Machinery provides an extensive range of strapping machines and materials which are easy to use & appropriate for strapping packages. If you are looking for a wider range of strapping machines, it is always recommended to choose a reputed manufacturer like M.S Machinery. It is extremely authoritative to purchase all such machines from someone ensuring the highest levels of quality and safety because they are going to wrap delicate and heavy load products and ensure that your reputation stands still.

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